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                    Product Service


                            2015年3月份成立鞍钢尼日利亚公司筹建组, 通过增加出口引领着非洲地区钢铁产业的发展。?鞍钢尼日利亚公司筹建组承担着鞍钢集团出口业务的代理工作,是鞍钢集团钢铁产品销售于非洲的主要渠道。?主要业务涉及钢铁产品出口(HR,CR,GI,PL,WR etc)、国际技术交流、社会贸易等。鞍钢尼日利亚公司筹建组拥有30多家客户及合作伙伴。

                            地址(暂定): 尼日利亚拉各斯铁道部大院纳姆迪·阿奇基韦路46号 
                            联系人: 李辅石
                            电话: +234-90 83599334  
                             Since it was established in March 2015, Angang Group Nigeria CO.,LTD Preparatory Group ( herein shorten to “AGNCLPG”) is a leader of steel industry and improving export performance in African market. AGNCLPG is a main distribution channel of Ansteel Group in African market and in charge of exporting steel products such as HR, CR, GI, PL, WR etc. ?Moreover, we perform not only exporting but also other services such as technical consulting, social trading. AGNCLPG has been keeping partnerships with  more than 30 customers.
                             We will create the bright future with you hand in hand with the top products and top services.
                            Contact information is as follows:
                            Angang Group Nigeria CO.,LTD Preparatory Group 
                            ADD(Tentative): No. 46, Nnamdi Azikiwe Drive, Nigerian Railway Compound, Ebute Metta, Lagos, Nigeria   
                            Contact: Mr. Li Fushi
                            TEL : +234-90 83599334
                            E-MAIL : lifushi@angangintl.com


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